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The very creamy, silky texture of Tabya Lashes Remover Cream is exactly what you have been looking for for a long time! Does not contain dyes or fragrance. Ideal solution for very sensitive eyes! The creamy formula hydrates natural lashes during removal, so natural lashes remain soft after removal.



  1. Effectively removes eyelash extensions without stinging
  2. Cream formula
  3. Without dyes or perfume
  4. Weight: 15ml
  5. Professional product for the procedure of applying eyelash extensions.
  6. Validity period 24 months from the date of manufacture and 6 months from opening (under optimal storage and working conditions).
  7. Avoid skin contact.
  8. Keep out of the reach of children and store the product in a cool, dark place with the lid tightly closed.


How to use it:

  1. Isolate the lower lashes
  2. Apply Tabya Lashes Cream Remover to the eyelashes (leave 1 mm from the base of the eyelashes)
  3. Wait a few minutes until the adhesive dissolves
  4. Remove eyelash extensions using applicators or tweezers



  • Propylene Carbonate
  • Hydrogenate
  • Tallowalkonium Bentonite
  • Methyl

Lash Extensions Removal Cream Tabya 15g

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