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Eyelash & Eyebrow Beauty Clinic in Fulham

TL Professional Academy specialises in eyelash and eyebrow treatment in Fulham. They say certain people have a certain eye for things and here at our leading beauty salon we foster an ability to enhance the eye and eye area with advanced technical skill. Our volume-adding techniques implement visible structure, while our tints reinvigorate and revise. We do what we do artfully, working creatively to a vision that targets your needs, your aims and your ideal beauty look.

Our Services

We keep a keen eye on our conduct, operating in a way which constantly evaluates and re-evaluates to achieve strong results. Through detailed industry knowledge and a comprehensive treatment plan, we aim to guide you toward transformation by delivering reputable techniques with a bespoke level of sensitivity and care.


Eyelashes are an intimate area, requiring intricate adjustment to alter how they appear, achieved by us through a comprehensive service range to cover the colour, size, shape and depth of the growth.


  • Tinting: The addition of a new shade to affect the immediate appearance.

  • Lifting: An LVL treatment to open up the eye and add length and body to the lashes.

  • Extensions: Eyelash extensions come in a half or full set to add weight, varied further by being placed either on every lash or alternate, depending on the desired volume.

  • Infills: A bespoke maintenance process lasting 90 minutes to keep control of lash gaps and shedding.

  • Volume: A longer, thorough treatment option to amplify the fullness of the lashes.


Eyebrows are a focus point of the face, enabling the definition, clarity, refinement and sculpture we provide through our technically achieved treatments impact with leading effect.


  • Threading: A focused hair extraction technique using twisted cotton thread to precisely reshape and remove.

  • Microblading: A manual application of pigments in hair-like strokes to achieve a natural appearance where eyebrows appear fuller.

  • Tinting: Colour application to define and refine the brow.

  • Waxing: A removal technique renowned for achieving a smooth, long-lasting finish.

  • Lamination: A reshaping technique setting brow hairs in a desired direction, to create avolumised look.

The Founding Ethos of Our Award-Winning Beauty Clinic in Fulham

As a tried and tested practice, with eight years of experience that document our success, the knowledge we have accrued on eyelash extensions, eyebrow threading and beauty enhancement enables us to be a primary source of revitalisation. We target intimate areas to initiate different visions, working closely with the delicate eye area to efficiently impart a transformation. To us, the treatment process establishes an important relationship. By focusing on you, we rekindle your aesthetic confidence, applying sensitive treatment types to connect you to your appearance satisfactorily.

Book Your Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment At Our Beauty Salon in Fulham

Our salon is praised and recognised as a core beauty clinic, offering eye treatment that is dedicated, skilled and focused. Our on-site clinic is open for bookings for all your eye-contouring needs, delivering excelling modification that excels visually at our beauty clinic centred in Fulham.

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