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Laser Tattoo Removal in London

Laser tattoo removal is a speciality service for TL Professional Academy in Fulham. Fostering a contemporary way of working, we offer an extraction service that readily and steadily admits total cleansing. Focusing on reclaiming clear, unblemished skin, the process involves intense penetration of strong laser beams to target the pigment intricately, first fading and then fully removing the ink. The gradual breakdown makes it a secure and safe relief-therapy, firmly achieving elimination over time.

The Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is an advanced procedure with advanced benefits, befitting the end result extensively by arousing a set of conditions which allow the process to determine success.


  • Precision: The beams of the laser focus specifically on the pigment of the tattoo, reducing the damage caused to surrounding surface-level skin.

  • Customisation: Sessions can be tailored based on the size, colour and age of your tattoo.

  • Versatility: Exposure to the laser effectively reduces the colour and prominence of the tattoo primarily, making the service productive to clients wishing to fade their current artwork in favour of new ones.

  • Stability: Results accrue gradually, fading slowly to promote more natural-looking results.

  • Advancement: Safe developments in the industry allow for refined efficacy in the treatment process.

  • Adaptability: The nature of the treatment makes it suited to most skin types, elevating it as an accessible form of tattoo removal available across the trade.

How It Works

Laser tattoo removal harnesses the power of concentrated light to gradually eliminate unwanted imagery, emitting highly focused beams that target the pigment. These intense pulses of light break down the ink into smaller particles, which are then naturally eliminated by the body's immune system over time. Different wavelengths effectively target different pigments, adding control to the technique for the user. Conducted by trained professionals, we ensure a controlled environment for the procedure, amplifying your comfort throughout.

Find Out More About Laser Tattoo Removal At Our Progressive Skin Clinic in Fulham

We plan our sessions at our skin clinic in Fulham to last varying amounts of time, allowing you to book a slot that’s right for you. Our packages are designed to cater to each and every tattoo by size, offering a bespoke service that’s reliably comfortable to guide you through the treatment, aftercare and any mild discomfort. Call our clinic today to discuss our laser treatment, surgical availability and expert tattoo removal in London.

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