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Proteine ​​Cleansing deeply cleans and removes residue from natural lashes before applying extensions and is also used before maintenance. The product has a high content of Vitamin C, which is necessary for the healthy development of collagen, for strong lashes.



  1. Liquid product
  2. Vitamin C content
  3. Weight: 15ml
  4. Professional product for the application procedure of eyelash extensions and lamination.
  5. Validity period 24 months from the date of manufacture and 6 months from opening (under optimal storage and working conditions)
  6. Avoid skin contact
  7. Keep out of the reach of children and store the product in a cool, dark place with the lid tightly closed



  • Water
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • L-Ascorbic
  • Sodium Polyacrylate
  • PEG 400

Lash Extensions Proteine Cleanser Citric Boost Tabya 15g

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