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Experience the pinnacle of volume and allure with our O’Mega Volume C Lash Extension. Exclusively curated for the discerning lash artist and clientele, the C curl encapsulates the very essence of dramatic lift, offering a lush, dense volume that's simply unparalleled.



  • O’Mega Density: Crafted for an unparalleled fullness, these extensions offer a mesmerizing thickness, turning ordinary lashes into a dense, fluttery masterpiece.

  • Iconic C Curl: The C curl is renowned for its striking lift and curve, perfect for those aiming for a prominent, open-eyed appearance. It's an absolute favorite for dramatic and glamorous lash styles.

  • Flawless Quality: Designed from premium-grade materials, these extensions are not only comfortable and lightweight but also remarkably durable, ensuring that the lash's form and luster remain impeccable over time.

  • Versatile Appeal: While exceptionally suited for grand events and occasions, the adaptability of the O’Mega Volume C lashes also makes them a choice pick for those wanting to elevate their everyday look.

  • Extended Wear: The lashes are designed with superior retention in mind. Their optimal adhesion properties ensure extended wear times, providing clients with a captivating gaze for longer durations between refills.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Cool & Dry: The lash extensions should be stored in a cool and dry setting, shielded from direct sunlight or any extreme conditions that can compromise their integrity.

  • Original Packaging: To maintain their premium quality, always house the extensions in the original container. This protective casing ensures they remain dust-free, organized, and maintain their curl.

  • Moisture-Free Zone: Prioritize keeping the extensions dry and away from any form of moisture. Excessive humidity or contact with liquids can impact their texture and efficacy during application.

  • Routine Assessment: It's essential to periodically go through your collection to ascertain the extensions' condition. Lashes showing signs of wear, discoloration, or any form of damage should be removed.


The O’Mega Volume C Lash Extension stands as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge lash innovation. Perfect for those looking to indulge in dramatic, show-stopping volume, it ensures every glance is imbued with intensity and allure. For lash artists, this product is not just an addition, but a hallmark of luxury and professionalism in their arsenal. Indulge in the best, and let the eyes do the talking.

Lash Extension Tabya O’Mega Volume C

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