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Unveil a world of mystique and depth with the Dark Illusion C+ Lash Extension. Imbued with a shade so deep it creates an illusion of endless allure, these extensions are an embodiment of enigmatic beauty. Paired with the C+ curl, a refined enhancement of the classic C, these lashes promise an alluring arch that adds an air of drama while remaining effortlessly sophisticated.



  • Deep, Captivating Shade: The Dark Illusion hue is designed to add an unparalleled depth to the lashes, creating an entrancing, dimensional look that captivates from every angle.

  • Enhanced C+ Curl: Building on the beloved dramatic arch of the C curl, the C+ offers an intensified lift, perfectly amplifying the natural beauty of the eyes with a hint of extra allure.

  • Pristine Craftsmanship: Curated from the finest materials, these extensions offer the epitome of comfort and durability. They pledge to retain their dramatic curve and deep hue, ensuring a lasting impression.

  • Suitable for All Occasions: The versatility of the Dark Illusion C+ lashes ensures they fit seamlessly into any event, from a casual day out to a grand evening soiree, making sure the wearer always stands out.

  • Robust Adhesion: Precision-engineered for lasting beauty, these extensions come with superior bonding capabilities, promising an extended wear time and consistently captivating gaze.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Optimal Conditions: To keep their exceptional quality intact, store the extensions in a cool and dry space, safeguarded from direct sunlight which could fade or alter the deep illusion shade.

  • Keep in Original Packaging: It's essential to house the extensions in their designated packaging. This protective layer ensures they stay uncontaminated, organized, and retain their form.

  • Steer Clear of Moisture: Prioritize keeping the extensions free from moisture. Damp conditions could affect their integrity and influence the adhesive's performance during application.

  • Routine Quality Checks: Periodically inspect the extensions for quality. Any that display signs of wear, color fade, or structural compromise should be promptly discarded.


The Dark Illusion C+ Lash Extension is not just a beauty product but a journey into the realms of intense allure and sophistication. As a lash artist, incorporating these extensions into your repertoire showcases your dedication to offering unique, contemporary beauty solutions. Embark on a journey into the depths of illusionary allure, and let every eye be a testament to captivating mystery.

Lash Extension Tabya Dark Illusion C+

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