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Unravel the serenity and allure of subdued elegance with the Dark Illusion A+ Lash Extension. Drenched in a mesmerizing deep shade, these extensions promise a look of timeless subtlety that resonates with authentic charm. The A+ curl, a gentle enhancement of the natural A curl, provides a soft yet striking uplift, magnifying the beauty of the eyes while maintaining an aura of understated sophistication.



  • Alluring Depth: The Dark Illusion hue, with its rich depth, crafts lashes that shimmer with a muted elegance, lending an air of authentic allure to every look.

  • Subtle A+ Curl: The A+ curl builds upon the modest arch of the A curl, introducing a touch more elevation. This refined lift subtly enhances the eyes, ensuring a look of gentle allure without overpowering the natural beauty.

  • Finest Craftsmanship: Curated meticulously from premium-grade materials, these extensions guarantee comfort, longevity, and a consistent shade and curl. They stand as a testament to beauty that does not fade, ensuring each blink is as captivating as the last.

  • Versatile Sophistication: The harmonious blend of the deep Dark Illusion shade with the A+ curl renders these lashes perfect for any event, be it an intimate brunch or a lavish gala, ensuring elegance at every turn.

  • Robust Adhesion: Precision-engineered, these extensions offer commendable bonding strength, promising a prolonged, impeccable look with minimal maintenance.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Controlled Environment: For optimal preservation, store the extensions in a cool, dry locale, shielded from the potential harm of direct sunlight which may risk fading the rich Dark Illusion shade.

  • Use Original Packaging: Storing the extensions in their provided packaging is paramount. This protective environment ensures the lashes remain uncontaminated and retain their intrinsic shape and quality.

  • Prioritize Dryness: It's essential to keep the extensions in an arid condition. Exposure to dampness can compromise their texture and might adversely affect the adhesive bonding during the application.

  • Regular Quality Checks: Periodically assess your cache of extensions. Any lashes that hint at wear, loss of sheen, or structural anomalies should be promptly set aside.


The Dark Illusion A+ Lash Extension is a celebration of grace and authenticity. For the lash artist, this product symbolizes a commitment to crafting looks that resonate with genuine beauty and nuanced sophistication. Dive into the depths of the Dark Illusion A+ and let every gaze be a quiet yet profound statement of allure.

Lash Extension Tabya Dark Illusion A+

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