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Experience the allure of rustic elegance and nuanced beauty with the Dark Brown ML Lash Extension. Imprinted with a hue that channels the richness of deep, roasted cocoa, these extensions become an embodiment of sophisticated warmth. The unique ML curl, melding the virtues of both moderate lift and enticing length, elevates this beauty to a level that intertwines the natural with the captivating, painting a masterpiece of timeless charm.



  • Rustic Richness: The Dark Brown shade is a nod to timeless elegance, encapsulating the warmth of earthy undertones, perfect for those desiring a look that's both classic and softly striking.

  • Signature ML Curl: The ML curl is a harmonious blend of elevation and extension. This innovative curvature ensures eyes are magnified with a widened and enhanced appeal, striking a balance that's just right.

  • Uncompromised Craftsmanship: Curated with utmost precision from top-tier materials, these extensions vouch for comfort, durability, and a consistently mesmerizing look. They ensure the retention of their luxurious hue and distinctive curl, day in and day out.

  • Fluid Beauty: The interplay of the deep Dark Brown hue with the innovative ML curl assures these lashes their place in any setting. Be it a serene afternoon or a glamorous night out, they ensure a gaze that's always enigmatic.

  • Enduring Bond: Engineered for longevity, these extensions are equipped with superior adhesive prowess, ensuring a lasting bond and a gaze that's perpetually enchanting.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Cool & Controlled: For the best preservation of their innate quality, store the extensions in a climate-controlled, dry nook, well away from the potentially damaging effects of direct sunlight.

  • Retain Original Sanctum: It's of paramount importance to nestle the extensions in their original enclosure. This protective cocoon safeguards them from external elements, ensuring their pristine condition and structural integrity.

  • Avoid Humidity: An imperative is to keep the extensions in a moisture-averse environment. Wet or damp settings can compromise their texture and might impede the adhesion during application.

  • Consistent Oversight: Regularly monitor your stock of extensions. Any lashes that hint at wear, hue dilution, or other discrepancies should be promptly phased out.


The Dark Brown ML Lash Extension transcends conventional beauty norms, offering a look that's a masterful blend of nature's charm and artisanal creativity. For the lash connoisseur, they represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and innovation. With the Dark Brown ML, you're not just enhancing beauty; you're crafting stories of elegance, one lash at a time.

Lash Extension Tabya Dark Brown ML

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