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Journey into the heart of classic allure fused with a touch of modern drama with the Dark Brown C+ Lash Extension. Infused with a shade that evokes the warmth of freshly ground coffee beans, these extensions exude a serene elegance that is both grounded and captivating. When combined with the C+ curl, renowned for its added lift beyond the classic C, the result is a look that boasts of a harmonious blend of organic beauty and subtle intensity.



  • Warm Tonal Depth: The Dark Brown shade offers a hue that exudes natural warmth, bringing forth a look that is both subtle for day wear and intense enough for evening glamour.

  • Elevated C+ Curl: The C+ curl adds that extra touch of drama to the standard C curvature, creating a look that lifts, widens, and intensifies the gaze without being overly pronounced.

  • Skillful Craftsmanship: Created with precision from the finest materials, these extensions promise unmatched comfort, endurance, and an unwavering allure. They are designed to consistently retain their deep hue and perfect curl, making every glance a work of art.

  • Elegance for All Events: The deep Dark Brown combined with the C+ curl ensures these lashes transition seamlessly across various occasions. Their versatility ensures you always possess an air of understated elegance.

  • Superior Adhesive Strength: With a focus on durability and longevity, these extensions come with unmatched bonding capabilities, allowing you to enjoy a consistent and captivating gaze for longer durations.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Stable Ambiance: To maintain their unparalleled quality, it's crucial to store the extensions in a cool, dry space, shielded from direct sunlight which might diminish the richness of the Dark Brown shade.

  • Utilize Original Packaging: Keep the extensions stored in their designated packaging. This protective environment ensures they remain free from external impurities and maintain their original shape and texture.

  • Prioritize Dry Storage: Moisture is the nemesis of lash extensions. Ensure they remain in a dry environment to prevent any changes in texture or adhesion capability.

  • Periodical Quality Checks: Consistently review the quality of your extensions. Those that show signs of wear, fading, or any form of degradation should be replaced promptly.


The Dark Brown C+ Lash Extension is a statement piece, signifying the beauty of blending tradition with contemporary flair. For lash artists, these extensions are a testament to their commitment to offering looks that resonate with depth, warmth, and a hint of modern drama. Embrace the magic of the Dark Brown C+ and transform every gaze into a poetic ode to beauty.

Lash Extension Tabya Dark Brown C+

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