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In a world where speed is a force for survival, every lash artist needs to manage your appointments perfectly.


My O'Mega adhesive is for the fastest eyelash extension stylists.


Its super liquid formula helps you handle any volume technique and the resistance promises to be greater than the old generations. The minimum vaporization ensures an application without stinging, red eyes, and reduces the chances of burning the cornea or allergies.


My Omega va fi preferatul adeziv a stilistilor care adora tehnicile de volum, deoarece acesta fixeaza instant forma evantaiului si nu si-o modifica pe perioada purtarii.



  1. Color: Black
  2. Vaporization: Little
  3. Coupling: 0.3 - 0.5 sec.
  4. Viscosity: Low
  5. Durability: 4-9 weeks
  6. Weight: 5g


Validity period 8 months from the date of manufacture and 1 month from opening (under optimal storage and working conditions).


Storage and use rules:

  1. Storage & transport 5-23 degrees. At high temperatures the adhesive loses it's properties.
  2. The adhesive should be kept in a cool place, away from light and heat.
  3. The adhesive can be stored sealed in the fridge for maximum 3 months in a cardboard box or magic pack with a silicia gel, to protect it from excessive humidity.
  4. Optimal working temperature in the cabinet should be 21-24 degrees.
  5. Optimal cabinet humidity during application should be 40-55.
  6. The adhesive loses it's properties in the presence of other vapors (oxidants, gel, wax, paint, etc).
  7. The speed of the adhesive is indicative, this will also depend on other factors: humidity, temperature, oxygen.
  8. Shake the adhesive strongly before first application 3-5 minutes (before each application 1-2 minutes) or with the special device glue shaker 5-10 seconds.
  9. The adhesive drop needs to be changed approximately every 30-60 minutes, depending on the condition.
  10. The adhesive drop is applied on a clean surface, recommended cold: crystal stone, jade, support(protected by special stickers) silicone, etc.
  11. You can use the accelerator to accelerate the speed.



  • PMMA
  • Carbon Black

Lash Adhesive Tabya My O'Mega 0.3 - 0.5 Seconds

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