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Intense training: Eyelash extensions

  • 7Days
  • 24Steps


* Foundational Framework: A thorough introduction to the history, science, and techniques of eyelash extensions, setting a robust foundation for the training ahead. * Hands-on Practice: Intensive practical sessions from day one, ensuring you gain ample experience with live models under expert guidance, optimising skill acquisition and confidence. * Diverse Techniques: From classic to advanced volume techniques, delve into the wide range of lash extensions styles, ensuring versatility in your offerings. * Advanced Lash Theory: Dive deep into essential topics such as lash growth cycles, detailed eye anatomy, and the chemistry of lash adhesives. * Precision & Perfection: Emphasis on mastering the art of isolation, ensuring each extension is applied flawlessly to enhance natural beauty without damaging the natural lash. * Safety & Sanitation Protocols: With a strong focus on maintaining a sterile workspace, learn the most stringent hygiene practices, safeguarding both the technician and the client. * Client Consultation & Care: Develop your expertise in conducting detailed client consultations, understanding their needs, managing expectations, and advising on aftercare for lasting results. * Business & Branding Insights: Beyond technical skills, gain valuable insights into building a successful lash business, from branding to client retention strategies.

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Intense training Eyelash extensions

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