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Advanced Russian Volume Course

  • 1Day
  • 48Steps


* Russian Volume Fundamentals: Delve deep into the origins and principles of Russian Volume, understanding its distinction from traditional volume techniques. * Expertise in Multi-Dimensional Fans: Progress from 3D to 6D fan creation, mastering the art of crafting bespoke fans for varied fullness, length, and curvature. * Advanced Theoretical Insights: Grasp the complexities of lash weight distribution, advanced bonding techniques, and the science of optimal adhesive usage. * Precision and Symmetry: Hone the skills of meticulous application, ensuring uniformity, symmetry, and a flawless lash line that enhances the natural beauty of the eyes. * Innovative Tools Mastery: Navigate the world of advanced lashing tools tailored for Russian Volume, from precise tweezers to specialised adhesives that cater to multi-lash techniques. * Safety, Hygiene, & Aftercare: Reinforce best practices for ensuring the utmost safety and longevity of Russian Volume sets while emphasising client aftercare for sustained results. * Customisation & Consultation Excellence: Perfect the art of tailoring lash sets to individual eye shapes, lash densities, and client preferences, ensuring a personalised and captivating result every time. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded an esteemed certification, signifying their prowess in the elite techniques of Russian Volume lashing.

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Advanced Russian Volume Course

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