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Smart pedicure

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* Foot Anatomy & Health: Kickstart your learning by understanding the intricate anatomy of the foot, recognising common foot disorders, and gaining insights into preventative measures. * Advanced Tool Mastery: Beyond the standard pedicure kit, familiarise yourself with state-of-the-art tools and equipment that enable precision, efficiency, and outstanding results. * Hydrotherapy Techniques: Dive into the therapeutic benefits of water-based treatments, mastering the art of foot soaks, essential oil infusions, and other rejuvenating techniques. * Cuticle Care & Nail Shaping: Learn the nuances of proper cuticle care, nail trimming, and shaping, ensuring a polished look while preserving nail health. * Smart Exfoliation: Grasp the techniques of effective exfoliation, using both mechanical and chemical methods to achieve soft, renewed skin without causing harm. * Massage & Relaxation: Incorporate relaxation into your pedicure sessions, mastering foot and lower leg massage techniques that provide relaxation and stimulate circulation. * Modern Polish Application: Beyond traditional nail polish, explore the world of gel and long-lasting polishes, ensuring your clients have options that suit their lifestyle. * Foot Masks & Wraps: Dive into the world of nourishing foot treatments, learning how to concoct and apply masks and wraps that rejuvenate tired feet.

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Smart pedicure

Smart pedicure

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