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Step into a world where subtle elegance meets unparalleled depth with our Satin Black A+ Lash Extension. Imbued with a rich satin black finish, these lashes radiate a soft gleam that’s both inviting and mesmerizing. The A+ curl, known for its modest yet captivating curve, perfectly complements this shade, offering an understated elegance that's universally appealing.



  • Satin Sheen: Unlike the typical matte finish, the Satin Black hue provides a gentle luster, adding a touch of luxury and depth to every blink. This unique finish ensures eyes that shimmer subtly, reflecting light in the most enchanting manner.

  • A+ Curl Elegance: The A+ curl is renowned for its minimalistic curvature, mimicking the natural lash curve while providing just a hint of lift. Ideal for those who venerate authenticity, it magnifies the eyes’ beauty without overt drama.

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Constructed from high-grade materials, these extensions promise a feather-light feel, longevity, and consistent curvature. Their resilience ensures they remain as captivating as they were on the first day.

  • Timeless Appeal: The fusion of the Satin Black hue with the A+ curl makes these lashes a timeless choice, suitable for any occasion—be it a casual day out or a formal evening gathering.

  • Lasting Adhesion: Engineered with precision, these extensions boast of optimal adhesion properties, ensuring they stay put beautifully, minimizing the need for regular refills.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Temperature Control: Store the extensions in a cool, dry area, shielded from direct sunlight to preserve their sheen and quality.

  • Original Packaging Advantage: Utilize the original packaging for storage. This prevents potential contaminants from affecting the lashes and ensures they remain in their optimal shape.

  • Evade Moisture: Keeping the extensions devoid of moisture is crucial. Wet or damp conditions can alter their texture and might hamper the adhesion process during application.

  • Routine Check-ups: Conduct regular checks on your extensions to ensure their integrity. Any lashes displaying signs of wear, damage, or diminished sheen should be discarded.


The Satin Black A+ Lash Extension encapsulates the beauty of natural allure elevated by a touch of luxe. They are not just beauty enhancements; they are a manifestation of classic elegance with a contemporary twist. As a lash artist, embracing these extensions signifies your dedication to offering nuanced beauty solutions. Let the Satin Black A+ be the gateway to a world where every gaze is soft, profound, and irresistibly beautiful.

Lash Extension Tabya Satin Black A+

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