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Elevate the art of subtle enhancement with the Dark Brown B+ Lash Extension. Imbued with a shade that channels the cozy richness of deep mocha, these extensions cast a gaze of nuanced warmth and allure. Paired with the B+ curl, which offers a slightly pronounced lift beyond the gentle curve of the B curl, the result is a gaze that seamlessly bridges the gap between natural beauty and refined sophistication.



  • Warm and Alluring Depth: The Dark Brown shade exudes a warmth reminiscent of rich, aromatic coffee beans, crafting a look that's both serene and enchanting, perfect for those desiring a gentle contrast to their natural lashes.

  • Enhanced B+ Curl: The B+ curl delivers a delicate boost to the natural B silhouette, creating a gentle yet captivating lift that draws attention to the eyes while retaining an air of effortless grace.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Constructed from the choicest materials, these extensions underscore comfort, lasting wear, and unwavering allure. They are steadfast in their commitment to preserving both their deep mocha hue and the precision of their curve.

  • Adaptable Elegance: The harmonious blend of the Dark Brown shade and the B+ curl renders these lashes fitting for myriad settings, transitioning with ease from daily wear to special occasions, ensuring consistent charm.

  • Dependable Adhesion: With a spotlight on durability, these extensions are designed with an adhesive strength that promises to keep them perfectly in place, allowing the wearer to enjoy a lasting, beautifully defined gaze.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Temperature-Regulated Space: To uphold their inherent beauty, it's vital to store the extensions in a temperate, dry environment, away from direct sunlight, which could compromise the rich Dark Brown hue.

  • Stay Original: Always return the extensions to their original packaging post-use. This ensures they're shielded from external contaminants and helps them maintain their form and texture.

  • Evade Dampness: Prioritize keeping the extensions in a moisture-free setting. Humid environments can challenge their structural integrity and potentially impact the adhesive's quality during lash application.

  • Frequent Quality Assessments: Set aside time to regularly review the condition of your extensions. Those showing any signs of wear, dilution in shade, or structural inconsistency should be promptly replaced to maintain optimal results.


The Dark Brown B+ Lash Extension is a symphony of nature-inspired warmth and artisanal precision. For the discerning lash artist, these extensions epitomize the commitment to curating beauty experiences that resonate with authentic charm and a touch of elevated elegance. Delight in the nuanced allure of the Dark Brown B+ and let every gaze be an ode to grace and warmth.

Lash Extension Tabya Dark Brown B+

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