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Unveil the charm of natural subtlety with our Dark Brown ML Lash Extension. Curated to cater to those seeking a softer, more understated elegance, this unique product offers the gentle curvature of the 'ML' curl combined with a rich, dark brown hue, marrying versatility with sophistication.



  • Soft & Natural Appearance: The dark brown shade provides a softer contrast compared to the stark black, ideal for clients with lighter complexions, or those aiming for a more muted, everyday look.

  • Distinctive ML Curl: This innovative 'ML' curl strikes the perfect balance between the classic 'M' and dramatic 'L' curl, offering a universally flattering curvature suitable for a myriad of eye shapes.

  • Premium Quality: Each lash is meticulously crafted from top-tier materials, ensuring they're lightweight, comfortable, and resilient, holding their curl and color over time.

  • Versatile Enhancement: The Dark Brown ML extensions are a superb choice for clients desiring definition without the intensity of black lashes, presenting a refined aesthetic suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

  • Optimal Retention: Our lashes are designed for robust adhesion, leading to extended wear times and reduced need for frequent refills, granting your clients better overall value.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Climate Control: Always store the lash extensions in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity, away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to extreme conditions can compromise the lash's integrity.

  • Retain Packaging: It's advisable to keep the extensions in their original packaging. This not only keeps them clean and organized but also ensures they maintain their shape and don't get tangled.

  • Steer Clear of Moisture: Prior to application, ensure that the extensions are shielded from liquids. Exposure can alter the lash's texture and affect adhesive quality during application.

  • Routine Inspection: Occasionally assess your stored lashes to confirm they remain in prime condition. Any lashes that seem damaged or compromised should be discarded.


With the Dark Brown ML Lash Extension, your clients can achieve a look that's both impactful and refined. It's an embodiment of subtlety and grace, making it a prized addition to any lash artist's toolkit. Encourage clients to embrace the allure of nuanced beauty, and let their eyes tell a tale of elegance.

Lash Extension Tabya Dark Brawn ML

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