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Volume course: 2D & 3D

  • 1Day
  • 57Steps


* Deep Dive into Volume Lashing: Explore the intricate world of volume lashing, understanding the distinction between classic lashes and multi-dimensional volume lashes. * Customising the Look: Dive into the technique of creating custom 2D and 3D fans, allowing for personalised, fuller lash looks that maintain lash health. * Advanced Theoretical Knowledge: Gain deeper insights into lash weight, diameter, and the effects of layering, ensuring optimal health and longevity of the natural lashes. * Precision Application: Master the skill of creating and applying consistent 2D and 3D fans, ensuring symmetrical and balanced lash sets. * Advanced Tools & Products: Familiarise yourself with the specialised tools and adhesives tailored for volume lashing, maximising retention and client satisfaction. * Technique Refinement: Perfect the art of fanning, placing, and adjusting, ensuring minimal adhesive usage and optimal positioning. * Safety & Retention: Emphasise advanced safety protocols and delve into techniques that promote longer retention for volume sets. * Enhanced Consultation Skills: Learn to assess natural lashes' strength and density to customise the ideal 2D or 3D look for each client. Graduates of this course will be awarded a certification, marking their proficiency in 2D and 3D volume lashing. With the skills and knowledge acquired, lash artists will be poised to offer the sought-after volume looks, setting them apart in the ever-competitive lash industry.

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