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Introducing the Satin Black C Lash Extension, where classic curvature meets contemporary sheen. Bathed in an opulent satin black shade, these extensions glow with a soft, refined radiance, beckoning attention with every flutter. The C curl, celebrated for its pronounced arch and captivating lift, harmoniously complements this shade, sculpting lashes that are a testament to timeless beauty.



  • Elegant Satin Finish: The Satin Black shade lends a touch of subdued glamour to the lashes, resulting in a look that is both regal and irresistible. This muted luster adds depth and a luxurious feel to any gaze.

  • Classic C Curl: The C curl, known for its dramatic lift and curve, is perfect for individuals aiming for an open-eyed, vivacious look. It enhances the natural beauty of the eyes, imparting a sense of allure and vibrancy.

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Constructed using only the finest materials, these extensions promise comfort, longevity, and an enduring arch. Their design ensures they remain as captivating on day thirty as on day one.

  • Adaptable Beauty: The Satin Black C lashes seamlessly adapt to both understated daytime aesthetics and sophisticated evening looks, offering flexibility in style while always ensuring a captivating presence.

  • Extended Bonding: With an emphasis on lasting beauty, these extensions boast optimal adhesion properties. This ensures prolonged wear, fewer touch-ups, and consistent allure over time.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Climate Control: Ensure the extensions are stored in a cool, dry environment. Direct sunlight or exposure to harsh lights should be avoided, as these can potentially degrade the satin sheen and overall quality.

  • Stay Organized: Retain the extensions in their original packaging. This protective enclosure not only keeps them free from contaminants but also ensures they maintain their shape and pristine condition.

  • Maintain Dryness: The extensions should be kept free from moisture. Wet conditions can affect their texture and might compromise the adhesion during application.

  • Regular Assessments: Periodically examine your stock to maintain the highest standards. Discard any extensions that show signs of wear, damage, or reduced sheen.


The Satin Black C Lash Extension is a marriage of tradition and modernity, exuding elegance with a contemporary twist. For lash artists, it signifies a commitment to delivering classic beauty infused with the nuances of today's trends. Choose Satin Black C, and let every gaze be a canvas of classic allure, enhanced by the gentle glow of satin.

Lash Extension Tabya Satin Black C

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