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Introducing the Dark Brown C Lash Extension, a harmonious marriage of earthy depth and classic elegance. Bathed in a hue reminiscent of rich chestnut, these extensions manifest a look of grounded sophistication. Paired with the revered C curl, celebrated for its natural arch that mirrors the eye's own curvature, these lashes champion a look that seamlessly oscillates between the familiar and the enchanting.



  • Earthy Warmth: The Dark Brown shade draws inspiration from nature, emanating a warmth that is both comforting and captivating, perfect for those desiring a soft yet defined gaze.

  • Timeless C Curl: The C curl, with its intrinsic arch, seamlessly augments the natural lashes, lending an air of effortless allure. It's the go-to for individuals who covet a balance between the natural and the dramatic.

  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Conceived from the finest materials, these extensions stand as a paragon of comfort, resilience, and lasting charm. They pledge to maintain their deep shade and consistent curve, making every moment a mesmerizing one.

  • Universally Flattering: The blend of the deep Dark Brown with the C curl makes these lashes an impeccable choice for any occasion. Their inherent versatility ensures a timeless appeal, regardless of the setting.

  • Lasting Bond: Precision is key. With their superior adhesive qualities, these extensions promise an enduring bond, minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups and ensuring a perpetual, stunning gaze.


Storage Recommendations:

  • Optimal Environment: For retaining their intrinsic beauty, it's essential to store the extensions in a temperate, dry space, safe from the potential fading effects of direct sunlight.

  • Retain in Original Casing: The extensions' original packaging is their sanctuary. Keeping them housed within ensures they stay untainted and in their prime shape.

  • Moisture is Detrimental: Ensure that the extensions are kept in a humidity-free environment. Exposure to moisture can jeopardize their structure and might affect the adhesive's efficacy during application.

  • Routine Quality Assurance: Regularly inspect your extensions. Should they show signs of wear, color dilution, or any structural inconsistencies, a prompt replacement ensures you always offer the best.


The Dark Brown C Lash Extension is not just an accessory; it's an emblem of nuanced beauty and timeless charm. For the discerning lash artist, these extensions signify an unyielding commitment to crafting looks that resonate with authenticity and grace. Delight in the allure of the Dark Brown C, and transform each gaze into a canvas of earthly elegance.

Lash Extension Tabya Dark Brown C

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