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Nail technician basic course

  • 7Days
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* Anatomy & Health: Delve into the structure, growth, and health of nails. Learn about common nail disorders and how to recognise signs that require professional medical intervention. * Tool Mastery: Familiarise yourself with the wide range of nail technician tools, from clippers and files to specialised manicure equipment, ensuring you can craft the perfect nail shape and structure. * Basic Manicure & Pedicure: Master the fundamental techniques for professional manicures and pedicures, ensuring clients leave with beautifully groomed nails and soft, pampered hands and feet. * Polish Application: Understand the techniques behind flawless polish application, including base coats, colour, and top coats, ensuring long-lasting, chip-free results. * Gel & Acrylic Introduction: Gain an introduction to the world of gel and acrylic nails, learning basic application techniques and safety protocols. * Nail Art Basics: Embark on your artistic journey with simple nail art techniques, using tools and paints to create elegant designs. * Hygiene & Safety: Prioritise client safety with lessons on proper sanitisation of tools, safe product use, and maintaining a clean workspace. * Consultation Skills: Develop the ability to conduct thorough client consultations, ensuring you understand their desires while managing expectations and advising on suitable nail solutions.

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Nail technician basic course

Nail technician basic course

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