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Nails gel polish

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* Gel Polish Basics: Understand the fundamental differences between traditional nail polish, gel polish, and other nail enhancement systems. * Preparation & Application: Learn the intricacies of nail preparation for optimal gel polish adhesion, followed by precise application techniques to ensure a smooth, bubble-free finish. * Curing & Setting: Dive into the science behind UV and LED light curing, ensuring each layer of gel polish sets perfectly without damage or premature peeling. * Artistry in Gel: Explore the world of gel polish designs, from elegant single shades to intricate patterns, marbling effects, and more. * Advanced Techniques: Discover the methods for adding depth and texture to nails using gel polish, including ombre effects, embedded designs, and layered looks. * Safe Removal: Gain proficiency in the gentle and effective removal of gel polish, ensuring the natural nail remains undamaged and healthy. * Hygiene & Product Safety: Emphasise the importance of maintaining a sanitised workspace, understanding potential allergens in gel products, and ensuring client safety at all times. * Troubleshooting: Acquire the skills to address common gel polish issues, from chipping and lifting to avoiding allergic reactions. * Industry Insights: Stay updated with the latest trends in gel polish colours, finishes, and design techniques to keep your services fresh and in-demand.

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Nails gel polish

Nails gel polish

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