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Lash lift + Brow lamination BUNDLE

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* Dual Treatment Overview: Understand the foundational principles, benefits, and distinctions of both lash lifting and brow lamination. * Anatomy & Health: Gain knowledge about the anatomy and health of both eyelashes and eyebrows, ensuring safe and effective treatment application. * Hands-On Techniques: Learn the step-by-step procedures for both lash lifting and brow lamination, ensuring perfect curls for lashes and flawlessly sculpted brows. * Chemistry & Product Knowledge: Dive deep into the products and solutions used, understanding their composition, safety protocols, and best application practices. * Customisation & Personalisation: Master the art of tailoring each treatment to individual facial features, lash/brow types, and client preferences. * Tinting Integration: Enhance both lash and brow treatments with expert tinting techniques, delivering a fuller, richer appearance to both lashes and brows. * Safety, Hygiene, & Aftercare: Adhere to rigorous standards, ensuring client well-being with up-to-date knowledge on contraindications, sanitation, and post-treatment care. * Practical Training Sessions: Engage in extensive hands-on training with expert supervision, building confidence and refining techniques across both treatments. * Industry Trends & Insights: Stay at the cutting edge of beauty trends, understanding the evolving preferences and standards of today's beauty-conscious clientele.

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Lash lift + Brow lamination BUNDLE

Lash lift + Brow lamination BUNDLE

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