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Nails gel extensions: Full + Reusable tips

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* Understanding Gel Extensions: Delve deep into the world of gel extensions, deciphering the difference between various extension methods and the unique benefits of gel systems. * Application Mastery: Acquire hands-on expertise in preparing nails for gel extensions, ensuring strong adhesion, and a seamless blend with natural nails. * Sculpting with Precision: Learn the art of sculpting and shaping gel to achieve various lengths and forms, from elegant almonds to striking stilettos. * Innovative Reusable Tips: Embrace the future of nail extensions by mastering the application and maintenance of reusable gel tips, offering clients a sustainable and efficient alternative. * Customisation Techniques: Dive into the creative aspects of gel extensions, including colour embedding, glitter encapsulation, and 3D art applications. * Safe Removal & Maintenance: Ensure the longevity of gel extensions while prioritising the health of natural nails. Master the techniques of safe removal, infills, and aftercare advice. * Hygiene & Product Knowledge: Deepen your understanding of the materials involved, ensuring the safe and efficient use of gels, adhesives, and curing lights. Prioritise impeccable sanitation to uphold industry standards. * Latest Trends & Techniques: Stay at the forefront of the nail industry by exploring contemporary gel extension trends, finishes, and innovative design approaches.

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Nails gel extensions: Full + Reusable tips

Nails gel extensions: Full + Reusable tips

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