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LVL Lash lift & Tint

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* Introduction to LVL: Delve into the origins and benefits of the LVL Lash Lift treatment, understanding its rise in popularity and unique selling points. * Anatomy & Eyelash Health: Explore the anatomy of the eyelash, its growth cycle, and the importance of maintaining lash health throughout treatments. * Step-by-Step Lifting: Learn the precise steps of the lash lift procedure, from selecting the right silicone pad size to the application of lifting lotions. * Lash Tinting Mastery: Enhance the visibility of each lash with expert tinting techniques, ensuring a uniform and lush result that accentuates the eyes. * Safe Product Application: Deepen your understanding of the products used in the LVL treatment, ensuring their safe and effective application while preventing potential irritations. * Aftercare & Client Consultation: Equip yourself with the skills to advise clients on post-treatment care, ensuring longevity of results and client satisfaction. Additionally, master the art of consultation to tailor treatments to individual lash types and client preferences. * Safety Protocols & Hygiene: Prioritise client well-being with in-depth training on potential contraindications, patch testing, and maintaining a sanitised work environment. * Practical Sessions: Engage in hands-on practice under expert supervision, refining your technique and building confidence.

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LVL Lash lift & Tint

LVL Lash lift & Tint

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