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Brow lamination

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* Understanding Brow Lamination: Grasp the foundational principles behind brow lamination, its benefits, and how it differs from other brow treatments. * Brow Anatomy & Health: Deepen your knowledge of eyebrow anatomy, understanding hair growth patterns, and the importance of maintaining brow health. * Chemical Process Insights: Explore the science behind the lamination products, ensuring you understand their composition, application, and safe removal. * Step-by-Step Procedure: From brow preparation and correct product application to setting and final touches, master every step of the lamination process. * Customisation Techniques: Learn how to tailor the lamination process to different brow types, densities, and client preferences, ensuring personalised results every time. * Brow Tinting Integration: Enhance the lamination results by integrating brow tinting, providing a richer, more defined appearance. * Safety & Hygiene Protocols: Adhere to the highest standards of safety, understanding potential contraindications, the importance of patch tests, and ensuring a sanitised work environment. * Aftercare Guidance: Equip clients with the knowledge to maintain their laminated brows, ensuring longevity and satisfaction post-treatment. * Hands-on Practice: Refine your skills with guided practical sessions, ensuring you are confident in delivering impeccable results to clients.

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Brow lamination

Brow lamination

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