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Beginner course - Classic eyelash extensions

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Course Highlights: * Theoretical Knowledge: Understand the history of eyelash extensions, the anatomy of the eyelash, and the science behind adhesives. * Tools & Products Introduction: Familiarise yourself with the various tools of the trade, from tweezers to lashes of different materials, lengths, and curls. * Safety & Sanitation: Learn the critical importance of maintaining a sterile workspace, proper hand hygiene, and ensuring client safety. * Application Techniques: Master the art of isolating individual natural lashes and correctly applying a single extension. * Practice Sessions: Engage in hands-on practice, first on mannequins and then on live models under expert supervision, ensuring you gain confidence in your newly acquired skills. * Aftercare & Maintenance: Equip yourself with the knowledge to advise clients on prolonging the longevity of their extensions and maintaining eye health. * Client Consultation: Learn how to conduct thorough consultations, understanding client needs, and setting clear expectations. * Building a Portfolio: Tips on documenting your work, which will be invaluable as you start your career in eyelash extension artistry. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certification, signifying their competency in classic eyelash extension application. As a graduate, you'll leave with the confidence and skills to begin your journey in the ever-evolving, exciting world of lash artistry.

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Beginner course - Classic eyelash extensions

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